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Search Engine Optimization Richmond Va

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Search Engine Optimization Richmond Va

Check out my LinkedIn Profile for the most up to date "testimony"

Here is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Testimony from some of my satisfied cleints:



"I can't begin to thank you enough for the indepth SEO report you did for my site. Not only did you break down and point out key factors that were hindering my rankings but you also gave me a hands on lesson on the steps I needed to improve my site. Many companies and services promise to provide the results but how do you know they are actually working.

With Erics' help I was able to notice the gaps in my sites' performance and take the action I needed to improve. His customized report and follow up phone calls and emails did more for me than any SEO softare ever could. I will be staying in touch with Eric and use his follow up reports to monitor the benchmarks already established. The results I've seen speak for themselves and I can't wait to see them continue to get better. Thanks Again Eric, You're the Man!!!"

Josh -


All I can say is thanks so much for the information you have already given me from this offer. We just started. I don't even have the full report and already you have jumped in and provided me with several steps to take to start to seo my site. (For anyone interested, this is a different site than the one Eric did as part of his "free" offer. I was so impressed with that, I went for this bigger offer.) I am very impressed with your work ethic, even to the point of working on the weekend. I can see where you will be some task master. :-) But I know that that is just based on your concern to see your client do well. You do understand my time constraints and are generously flexible in working with me. You're a dream to work with, I must say.

Thanks ever so much,


24 hours!

24 hours after getting Eric's report, and after only doing a few of the tweaks that Eric has suggested, one of my sites jumped from nowhere to number 10 out of 1,900,000 on Google.

Now this wasn't for a niche, tight keyword phrase, but an internet marketing related one that is in high competiton.

And I haven't really started to get to work yet.

I highly recommend Eric to anyone who wants a comprehensive analysis of their website, with the optimization tips that will help bring your site out of the dust.

Thanks Eric!




Eric - haven't spoken to you in a while so I had no idea you had broken your leg!
Hope you are on the mend and wish you nothing but the very best - and will start by giving you an update on my own results from your efforts on WomensNet:

Before Eric's review, I was getting good traffic but mostly from my own efforts with press releases etc, I really had not bothered to do any SEO on the site. Right now, I am in the top 10 (and in many cases #1 or 2) for half a dozen VERY competitive terms for the home page in Google, Yahoo, and MSN.....and have just started optimizing some
of the interior pages.

I actually optimized several interior pages before I left on my last biz trip, uploaded 5 new optimized articles, made the page changes suggested by Eric....and when I returned a week later was shocked to see top 5 rankings for ALL the pages that I had just done! Now that is the result of both the content and the page being properly optimized but that is
pretty awesome. And in case you think these were weird off the wall terms with 1000 competing pages to rank against - think again - 3 of the terms returned more than 20,000,000 results for the term!

So - this is FABULOUS offer - and one that will pay off time and time again, since Eric actually explains the how and why of everything in a way that is easy for us non-techies to understand.

Needless to say - both traffic and Adsense rev are growing daily....

Now if only I can find the time to make the needed changes to EVERY page......soon, Eric, I promise, soon!!

Melody Wigdahl


Eric has given me so much information, that goes above and beyond anything (yes anything) that I have seen, read, heard or watched on video.

I was originally hesitant but figured that I'd take the chance. There are several times in your life when you look back and said "I should have done that" this truly is one of them. Eric should be charging 10x's what he is and it would still be a bargain.

There is 1 problem though----my "regular" job has me working so many hours that I can't make 99.9% the changes right now and it's driving me crazy watching all the money that I could be making slip though a leaky site.

If you are sitting on the fence about this one, jump off and take the chance. You will not regret it!!!



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Search Engine Optimization Richmond Va
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